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“Across the Cpl Group, there is a collective passion for helping others and giving back and it’s heartening to see this ethos come to the fore across the business community in Ireland and internationally.

I’m personally passionate about ensuring inclusive opportunities for all and becoming a more sustainable business. With over 13,000 people and over 45 offices across the Cpl Group I’m confident we can continue to make a real difference.”

Anne Heraty, CEO of Cpl

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    Do you want to grow and prepare your business for the future?

    We are here to help you, whether you need to find top talent for permanent or temporary employment or an external employee or a trusted partner with services that are flexible, strategic and tailored to your needs.

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    Are you considering a change of job, are you looking for new career challenges?

    We will advise on career development and the selection of the optimal type of employment while ensuring constant access to information on the most interesting projects on the market.

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