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Total Talent Solutions

Cpl's Total Talent Solutions team are world leaders in transforming our client's staffing strategies through the innovative use of tailored transformational talent practices.

Our Total Talent Management team works proactively with each client to identify their specific staffing needs, on a local and global scale, in order to create the most appropriate talent solution. The talent services team engage with clients through face-to-face workshops and staffing strategy sessions all to ensure we deploy the right staffing solution for you.

Total Talent Solutions brings together individual components of Cpl’s Transformational Talent practices, which collectively provide our clients with unique and impactful staffing strategies.

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The Total Talent Solutions team deliver the following range of services to our clients.

Total Talent Solutions operates globally across Ireland, the United Kingdom, Central & Eastern Europe and the United States. A key goal to Cpl’s ‘Client First’ vision is to ensure our clients are strategically aligned at a global level and a local level. By working with the Total Talent Management team, our clients are benefiting from key innovative transformational talent practices at both a global and local level. ​

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