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Layoffs in the company are a difficult decision for the employer and a huge change for the employee. In a difficult time, it is worth showing that the employer and the employee form one team. How to provide professional support to the dismissed employees and teams?
The answer is the outplacement service.


A difficult process with the support of specialists

Cpl Jobs has specialized in outplacement services and supporting employees' professional career at all its stages. Our original outplacement program begins with the individual preparation of the managerial staff in the client's company, which will be responsible for the process of layoffs in organization. Cpl Jobs provide its clients not only the support of the dismissed people, but also on professional preparation and planning of activities for the managerial staff in the field of communication and difficult conversations with employees.
During the outplacement process in the client's company, we also attach great importance to the preparation of a detailed analysis of the client's company profile and the needs and aspirations of the dismissed people. Cpl Jobs consultants each time individually prepare the outplacement program, taking into the needs of the dismissed person or the specificity of the group affected by the reduction. These activities allow for the effective adjustment of training tools that will be able to support the employee in planning a new career path. It is a process by which the dismissed workers are carried out gradually - step by step - until they take up a new job.

Cpl Jobs offers two forms of outplacement:
1. Individual Outplamenet - recommended to participants from the level of specialists and middle and senior managers.
2. Group outplacement - including group workshops preparing process participants to quickly find a new job.

Cpl Jobs offers its clients among others training in dealing with difficult emotions, building self-awareness of one's own potential and motivation, recruitment interview without secrets and other workshops tailored to the group of participants.

The outplacement program prepared by Cpl Jobs includes:

       detailed analysis of employee competencies,

       assistance in writing / editing CV,

       preparation for job interviews,

       analysis of the labor market and identification of potential companies to which employees can apply,

       building a network of business contacts on professional portals,

       creating awareness of employees building their own career path.

Outplacement is a tool that is primarily intended to provide the necessary support to the dismissed person - both psychological and substantive. Consciously used, it can significantly mitigate the effects of the dismissal process and shorten the period of looking for a new job. An employee who takes care of his employees at the last stage of employment always gains in the opinion of not only former but also future employees on the market.

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