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We offer expert facilitated and interactive workshops that are designed to focus on an important topic within your organisation aligned to the 7 Future of Work Institute pillars.


Our customised design process helps meet your needs by understanding the key areas of focus or challenge within your organisation, design the workshop to help stretch thinking, get creative and a provide a space for reflection.

Our workshops are typically ½ day sessions facilitated at an off-site location with your Senior Leadership Team. The workshops include 4 key elements that, from our experience leads to great output:

Overview of how Cpl FOW works
  • Play - We provide fun designed exercises and hands-on experiences- nothing stupid or uncomfortable but enough to open things up.

  • Innovation- We use unique thinking and creativity tools to help participants think differently.

  • Collaboration - From experience we know that deep level diverse groups only create magic when they are engaged and listened to. Our expert facilitation makes sure this happens.

  • Learning - We bring research and insights into the room in the right way- through short, sharp stories, learning aids and games.

Popular Workshops Examples

Popular workshop examples
  • Employer Value Proposition - This session aims to identify the areas of EVP that your organisation need to focus on. At the end of this session you will understand where you rank on the EVP canvas across the 16 areas, the top areas of focus, exposure to best practice and an agreed Big 5 to act upon to ensure you are benefiting from your value proposition.

  • Creative Leadership - This workshop series aims to facilitate the creativity journey with leaders. We immerse leaders in the fundamentals behind the big shifts and trends that are happening in the world with their talent. This helps them to make sense and apply it within their context. This includes leadership inspiration, strategic storytelling, North Star development and Sense Making.

  • Strategic Wellness - This session aims to help identify the areas of wellness for the focus of your programme. At the end of this session you will understand how to build a business case for wellness, have a clear understanding of the key focus areas using the 8 dimensions of wellness model and the key focus areas of your programme to yield results.

  • Future HR Models - The primary focus of this session is to present the new world of work, explore some future foresights and trends, and what this might mean to your organisation. At the end of this session you will understand where your team ranks across HR’s 14 continuums and the top 5 areas you need to focus on to ensure your HR team is future ready.

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