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Permanent Hiring Solutions

Permanent recruitment

Acquiring and preparing a list of candidates on your own takes a lot of time, money and energy. It can bring disappointing results. The answer to this problem is experience and in-depth knowledge of the recruitment company market. Cooperation in recruitment with an external unit allows you to save time, budget and focus on other responsibilities and company development.

Cpl Jobs provides a wide range of services and solutions. Teams specialized in various sectors provide industry knowledge, support and consultants looking for appropriate people with specific competences. Deep understanding of the market allows you to reach the best people and successfully close recruitment processes.

As a member of a global organization, with offices in Ireland, Great Britain, Central Europe and the USA, Cpl Jobs has an extensive database of candidates with various competences, residing in many locations. The management staff and experienced consultants have extensive, specialized networks of contacts, thanks to which it is possible to finalize even the most demanding recruitment processes.

CPL Jobs specializes in permanent recruitment in the field of:

• IT and technology

• specialists with foreign languages,

• finance and accounting,

• banking and insurance,

• engineering and production,

• marketing and sales

• administration and HR.

What makes us stand out

1.      WE ARE PERFECTLY FAMILIAR WITH THE SPECIFICS OF local MARKET , we know where to look for and how to effectively reach the best candidates

2.      WE REMAIN IN CONSTANT TOUCH WITH THE CUSTOMER, we keep the customer up-to-date with the progress of the recruitment process and always look for the best solutions to any problems which crop up

3.      RECRUITMENT PROCESS CONFIDENTIALITY and an unbiased candidate assessment are guaranteed

4.      WE PROVIDE A FREE OF CHARGE GUARANTEE SERVICE if further cooperation with a candidate proves impossible

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