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Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Finding real talents in the labor market involves a lot of time and costs of the recruitment process. Without an appropriately developed structure of the HR department within the organization and tools for effective verification and acquisition of employees, the costs of recruiting specialists from various industries can be very high for an organization. Therefore, Cpl offers its clients a comprehensive RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing, RPO) service, which gives the possibility to transfer the recruitment process partially or entirely from the client's company to Cpl. RPO solutions prepared by Cpl directly improve the functioning of the client's company, giving the opportunity to focus on the company's core activity, which in turn guarantees a competitive advantage on the market.


RPO - more than just hiring employees

Recruitment Process Outsourcing is more than just hiring employees at times of high demand for them. The service also aims to improve the entire recruitment process in the organization. As part of the RPO service provided by Cpl, the recruitment process is an extension of the internal HR department, on the client's premises or outside it.

In order to provide the best service, we consistently cooperate with the HR team as well as managers and business leaders to develop business indicators that are most important to the success of the client's company. We offer a comprehensive cooperation plan based on the sustainable development of strategic recruitment practices - we constantly monitor and optimize the proposed solutions.

Cpl, as a RPO service provider, manages every stage of the recruitment process and takes responsibility for the results obtained - everything is done in cooperation with the Hiring Manager or another person designated by the client. The first part of the cooperation is a thorough analysis of the client's recruitment needs, aimed at understanding the employment structure and organizational culture of the company, then the characteristics of the desired candidate for the recruited position are determined. Then our specialists adjust the RPO service to the individual needs of the client, choosing the appropriate sourcing strategy for the planned process of recruiting candidates for established positions. Cpl takes full responsibility for verifying the credibility and qualifications of the candidate, official acceptance of the offer, issues related to signing the contract, and sometimes even for introducing an employee to a new position - the so-called onboarding


Types of RPO services

Cpl Jobs has many years of experience in providing RPO services for clients. Especially in the case of volume recruitment processes, such as recruitment of employees to newly built teams in the IT, SSC or call center industry, but also recruitment of candidates for short and long-term projects, including regular internal recruitment in the client's company. Working with our clients, we implement RPO solutions that meet the unique needs of each organization we support.

RPO service items

1. Planning the recruitment process
2. Talent acquisition in the market
3. Selection of candidates
4. The use of psychometric tools
5. Verification of candidate referees
6. Employment of the candidate and the adaptation process


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