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CEE Salary Guide 2024 - new report!

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Cpl Czech Republic presents:

“CEE Salary Guide 2024”

The latest version of the "CEE Salary Guide 2024" salary report presents the trends and challenges facing the labour market today in 5 countries in the Central and Eastern European region: Poland, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Slovakia and Hungary. The company also presents an extensive list of salaries from industries including IT, SSC/BPO, finance, HR, logistics and marketing, including the most sought-after professions and skills. "CEE Salary Guide 2024"also includes advice and conclusions from Cpl experts who analyse current changes in the labour market in the CEE region.

Why is it worth downloading our report?

  • Accurate information: our report is not only a summary of numbers, but also an analytical discussion of the data that helps you understand the context and meaning of trends.

  • Strategic tips: conclusions and recommendations of Cpl experts allow for a strategic approach to the issue of remuneration and human resources management. 

  • An irreplaceable recruitment tool: both employers and employees will find information in the report to support key decisions regarding employment and career development.

Download the report: CEE Salary Guide 2024