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4 tips you should check before sending your CV

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Collecting all the data about our education, work experience, interests or completed courses and dressing it in a concise and art-like form of a CV involves a lot of work and a lot of time. At the same time, it is very easy to make a mistake or omission. That is why you decide to send your CV and apply for a job offer, spend another 10 minutes on the final check of the document. What is worth paying attention to again?


1.      Read the advertisement you are applying for again carefully

Carefully read the job advertisement you are applying for and check what your professional experience described in your CV looks like in the context of this job offer. Perhaps some tasks should be named adequately to the nomenclature used in the advertisement. Thus, you will make sure that you meet the requirements for this position.

2.      Check your CV for any errors

Once again, carefully review your CV for any typos, spelling or punctuation errors. It's also a good idea to make sure the font is uniform (you may have copied something from another source before) and the text formatting. It is also very important to check that your contact details are correct. Contrary to appearances, this type of error is a very common bane of recruiters. Eliminating them will present you as a reliable and professional person at the very beginning of recruitment.

3.      Check consent to the processing of personal data

It is very important that you include an existing clause in your CV expressing consent to the processing of your personal data by employers. This clause is a requirement of law and without it, the employer will not be able to join you in the recruitment process and its subsequent stages. Very often, in their advertisements, employers indicate that a clause is added to the CV, which is tailored to the needs of their organization - then such information should be included in the CV. 

4.      Check the file saving format

Pay attention to the name of the CV file - avoid using the word "CV", it is worth adding your first and last name, which will undoubtedly make it easier for recruiters to find your application later in the maze of other applications, e.g. "CV_Jan Kowalski". It's also a good idea to save the file in PDF format, which will allow you to open it on any device - laptop, smartphone, etc.

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