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How to build an effective recruitment process?

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​In today's world, job seekers have a wide range of opportunities for employment and expect much more from employers than ever before. Key factors for them include not only salary but also corporate culture, diversity of offered benefits, opportunities for career growth, and possibilities for further education. However, it all starts with the recruitment process, which is a fundamental element in building long-term relationships with candidates. An effective recruitment process enables companies to more easily get qualified and motivated employees. Take a look at our tips and advice that you should not overlook when building an effective recruitment process.

1. Prepare your recruitment strategy

The first step in creating a recruitment strategy is defining the requirements for new employees. Carefully consider which qualifications, skills, and work experience are essential for the position at hand, and don't forget to take into account other factors such as the candidate's personality, attitude, and future expectations. Clarify the timeframe within which the recruitment should take place and how many rounds it will involve.

2. Create a catchy advertisement that grabs attention

Capture attention with a short and impactful headline. Clearly define the job position description, and put the most important information at the beginning. In the first few lines of the ad, emphasize the greatest advantages and benefits associated with working at your company. Potential candidates want to know what they can expect from the position right from the start. 

3. Create a call to action

At the end of each advertisement posted on the career page, encourage potential candidates to join your talent network: “Join us and become part of our team”. For social media posts, you can refer to a simple registration form located on your career page.​

4. Show candidates that your company is a great place to work and build your employer brand

Invest in well-crafted career pages. Introduce potential candidates to your company culture and present your mission, vision, and values. Describe how your selection process works and what benefits and advantages they will gain with you.

Include photos, videos, and employee stories. Provide candidates with a real view of a typical workday and let them peek into your corporate environment. Introduce educational programs offered by the company as well as opportunities for career growth. You can also highlight how your company contributes to society and how you help your customers. People who are "more motivated" enjoy being part of interesting and meaningful projects.

Put yourself in the shoes of candidates and make sure that your career page answers all the questions that may interest them.

5. Choose appropriate communication channels and tailor your search to a specific target group.

Identify the key characteristics of your target audience, such as skills, education, interests, and experiences, and determine which channels this group frequents. Different target groups may be active on social media platforms, job portals, trade fairs, or conferences. Additionally, each social network caters to a different pool of candidates, so choose the one that aligns best with the position and content you're promoting.

Create personalized content for each target group and emphasize why they should work for you.

6. Communicate with applicants quickly and effectively

Lengthy communication and inadequate feedback are the first things that deter candidates in the recruitment process. Prolonged delays can also cost you more money.

Try to respond to resumes within 5 working days, and schedule interviews for a nearby date, ideally within the same or the following week. Also, it pays off not to delay feedback and above all, to provide it within the promised timeframe. If you don't react quickly, candidates may accept another job offer in the meantime or lose interest altogether. Therefore, respond as quickly as possible and don't keep job seekers waiting too long.

Creating templates for automated messages can be a useful tool, which you can send to candidates, for example, after receiving their resume and after each selection round.

7. Simplify the selection process

Filling out numerous forms can be frustrating for most candidates, as well as completing a large number of challenging tasks. Depending on the position being filled, carefully consider whether it is truly necessary to conduct multiple selection rounds and elaborate case studies or strategies.

8. Focus on passive candidates who are not actively seeking a job

Engaging passive candidates is a key factor for successful recruitment. A great place to find and reach out to a large number of passive candidates is social media, especially the professional network LinkedIn.

Be proactive and capture the attention of passive candidates by publishing interesting content that is original, engaging, and memorable. Posts can relate to your company, products, services, interesting projects or employees.

Build awareness of your brand, create compelling and valuable content, and participate in discussions under relevant posts. Engage your employees in these activities, as they can share and comment on posts and job positions.

The most effective way to reach and engage passive candidates is undoubtedly through personal contact. However, keep in mind that this is a significantly more time-consuming and long-term process that requires strategy, patience, and an innovative approach.

9. Rely on recruitment agencies to find candidates according to your requirements

A quality recruitment process can significantly contribute to selecting employees who better align with the organization's long-term goals and values. The recruitment process requires thorough preparation, swift and efficient communication, and the necessary time and expertise for sourcing and engaging especially passive candidates.

If you want to fully focus on your business activities and save time and costs, leave the recruitment to us. We have access to an extensive candidate database and effective tools that we utilize to reach potential candidates across various industries. We will assist you in creating job advertisements, defining requirements for the position, and take care of the entire recruitment process,so that you can work on developing your business in the meantime.

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