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IT & Technology

​A team of IT recruiters who are energized by new projects is here for you!

​Nowadays, the IT department is one of the most important parts of a company.

Moreover, with Industry 4.0, more positions are being created in this sector, which bring new opportunities for growth not only for IT specialists, but also for us, IT recruiters, with the recruitment process.

Just as our clients are trying to keep their finger on the pulse of the times in technology, we in turn are constantly trying to find new ways of recruiting to make the process as enjoyable, non-beneficial and easy as possible for our candidates.

What motivates us most in our work is the vision of a successful outcome, which we define by mutual satisfaction - of clients/employers and candidates/employees.

This is why we emphasize staying involved in the process during and after the trial period, so that we can assist in dealing with situations that arise, decision-making processes, or other considerations.

Trust is key to our work!

Busy IT industries include software development, data analytics, business intelligence, infrastructure, cyber security, testing, UX, UI and more...

Whether you are looking for a new work impulse or a new team member, get in touch!

We will be happy to introduce you to current opportunities.

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We are successfully recruiting IT specialists from various technology areas. Do you need specialists in .NET, C ++, UX and others?


Or contact directly our Sales Director Olga Ježdíková at

SEED - Permanent

Application Administrator AND Analyst

kc80,000 - 100,000