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​The combined experience of a team of specialists in development, production,

logistics and purchasing in Automotive with the same goal.

​The automotive industry is a very specific sector of technology and engineering, which has a long tradition in the Czech Republic and which we believe is worthy of comprehensive and detailed attention. From assembly lines, through quality, process engineering, project management to the actual development of prototypes, the automotive industry is interwoven with various technologies that are important to both you and us.

Serial production in the automotive industry is typically characterized by an emphasis on quality, production efficiency and a dynamic environment. This has taught us over many years of working with companies (manufacturers of lights, engines, wiring harnesses, chassis, batteries, etc.) that working in the automotive industry is a daily challenge, both for us and for all the people who work in the industry.

You will either fall in love with this field and never want anything else, or it simply won't suit you.

That's why we're here to help you find the right path.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you need any advice, whether it's finding the right role or recruiting!

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Projektový nákupčí

Nový Jičín
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Inženýr elektro

SEED - Permanent

Inženýr kvality

kc40,000 - 50,000