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New job remote formula

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​Congratulations, you've got a new job! You have done a great job going through the difficult recruitment process and the date of starting a new job is fast approaching. You start your new job in a remote work formula and this is where additional stress appears related to taking up new responsibilities and getting to know your colleagues "remotely". What's more, starting a new job during a pandemic causes extra nerves, especially if you move from working from home to … working remotely, i.e. further from home, only for the benefit of a different employer.

Here you can count on our help! Our recruiters are experts in their fields, have industry experience and can offer advice on any doubts you may have before your first day of new remote work. Check out the 4 tips we have prepared for you that we hope will help ease your nerves on the first day of your new job.

1.      Add new colleagues to your LinkedIn network

If you're worried about meeting new colleagues on your first day working remotely, why not get in touch with them earlier on LinkedIn? You've probably talked to several people during the interview stage, so don't be afraid to reach out and start interviews early.

2.      Organize the necessary equipment

Knowing what equipment you will need to physically start your new job is critical. Providing the right tools for work is on the side of the employer and should be specified when you accept a job offer and fill in the details of cooperation. Nevertheless, it is worth making sure that you have the equipment you need on the first day of your new job - especially if there is any additional equipment you need and need to notify your employer about. If you have any concerns about the equipment in preparation for your first day of work, contact your recruiter or new manager.

3.      Prepare a space for work - a home office

When working remotely, make sure you create a designated workspace, keeping it as organized and comfortable as possible. Optimize your home office by adding some plants and items that bring back fond memories and make your daily work more pleasant, such as photos, your favourite mug.

4.      Believe in yourself!

Everyone experiences the nervousness on the first day of a new job, but the certainty that you have been selected from among all possible candidates shows that your new employer believes in you and wants you to be successful. The feeling of security in your new professional role will come with time, but remember, NEW doesn't have to be scary. Focus on what made you interested in this position, and if you need help with your new career journey, remember that Cpl recruiters are here to help and support you.

At Cpl, we take particular care to match the needs of our candidates to the organizational culture of the client's company. Our recruiters offer professional support at every stage of the recruitment process, bearing in mind the comfort and sense of security of our candidates. If you are considering a job change, check out our current offers HERE and apply!


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