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3 important attitudes worth presenting at an interview

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It is clear that for each position you need a different set of qualities that will allow you to perform your duties well. However, before you receive your dream job offer, there are job interviews ahead of you. Are there universal features that may interest a recruiter, make him remember you? Here are some of our suggestions on what to look for.


An interview is just … a conversation. Mutual understanding is needed for it to run smoothly. By listening to what the recruiter says, you are expressing your interest. In the course of your statements, refer to the aspects that are raised by an interviewer, do not go down to the side threads.

It is not only about the art of conversation, but also about the fact that trying to understand the messages coming from the other side as much as possible will allow you to better understand the company's culture and the position itself. It is known that you may be stressed during a conversation, perhaps you are not thinking about the conversation itself, but about its results. Take a deep breath at the beginning of the meeting, relax and just be here and now. Direct your thoughts to the current situation, which will allow you to delve into the threads even better. The recruiter will surely see that you are trying.

What if you don't understand something or can't answer the question? Ask, ask for an explanation - this indicates a willingness to understand. And from here it is only a step to full agreement.


This is a trait that has a lot to do with understanding. It is what makes you engage in the conversation and take an active part in it. Gesticulation and appropriate voice modulation will help you express your commitment. However, it is not about the theatrical behaviour, but being yourself - focusing on naturalness. Remember that an interview is a professional meeting and approach it that way.

Commitment also has another aspect in the context of the recruitment process. During the interview, the recruiter asks you about your previous work experience, your tasks. Use examples, show how much effort you put into a given project, or how you acted in a stressful / quick reaction situation. Briefly explain the problem, show what you did to solve it, and summarize the results.

Being prepared

It is important that you clearly show during the conversation that you know why you are on it. Before the meeting, think about where to choose exactly this company, exactly this position. Again, compare your professional experience with the expectations and tasks described in the job advertisement. Visit the company's website, see the "About us", "Career" subpage. Check if an employer has described the company's values and think which of them are closest to you.

An employer is often interested in your personal reasons for applying to their company. Why? You can become a member of a company, and it is created by people - it is important that they share the values and culture of the organization.